GSM/GPRS module for MuonPi

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GSM/GPRS module for MuonPi

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Recently a new hardware module is being developed in order to be able to connect to a GSM/GPRS network to be able to run the MuonPi detector without the need for an enabled WiFi connection.

This board is based on a GSM/GPRS chip from u-blox, offers space for a SIM card and is mounted to the GPIO header of the Raspberry pi without interfering with the MuonPi HAT.

The form factor is the Raspberry pi zero form factor, and so the module aims to be used primarily with a raspberry pi zero.

At the same time, this development marks the beginning to a development of a low power system with which a MuonPi detector can be run without external power in an outside area.

The project can be found on EasyEDA:
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