New Software release V1.2.3

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New Software release V1.2.3

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A new release (1.2.3) of the muondetector software is due in the next days. Here is a list of the significant changes and added features.

RPi control program (daemon):
- Status1 LED (green as in the default mounting plan) indicates connection status of the MQTT link to server
- Automatic setting the reference time grid of the u-blox GNSS receiver to UTC. There was an issue before with u-blox 7 modules which initialized to GPS time on each startup.
- Bugfix in initialization of some GPIO pins. As a consequence, selecting these pins as sampling trigger inputs had no effect before.
- Assigned EXT_TRIGGER signal correctly in GPIO pin mapping. Selection of this pin for sampling trigger does not collide anymore with TDC_INTB or TDC_STATUS, when the TDC7200 HAT is used in parallel.

Graphical User Interface (GUI):
- Fixed bug with floating number truncation of values when exporting histograms (in Statistics tab) to txt files.
- Implemented switches for setting the input polarity of both channels independently
- Implemented readout and display of preamp supply status. In Parameters tab, the corresponding preamp status fields light up in red, when the input is shorted or an excessive current flow (>100mA) is detected. The voltage is automatically switched off instantaneously in hardware in these cases.
- Removed debug button ("Rate Scan") in Calibration tab.
- Implemented guided two-point calibration of bias current in Calibration tab. The determined correction values are taken over into the calib array on user request (Button "Transfer to Calib" in Calib Dialog) and written to eeprom (Button: "Write to EEPROM" in Calib Tab).
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